Custom Orders

If you would like a Custom Order, reach out to me through the contact page! Here's some info I would need to make getting started a little easier:

  1. Description of what you would like, as detailed as possible! What type of item, any colors or materials you have in mind, special considerations I should take. Anything to help me get an idea of what you'd like.
  2. Budget or rough estimate of what you can afford for the item, if applicable. You can look to previous items I've made to get an idea of pricing, but costs can vary depending on material costs and time needed to make the item.
  3. Shipping Information including name of addressee as it will appear on the shipping label. Due to COVID-19 precautions, I will only be shipping orders, no in-person meetings or deliveries.

Once I have received the initial message, I will respond as soon as possible with any questions or confirmations. After that, I will send a payable invoice either for the full amount, or only a portion as a deposit (for larger orders). Invoices must be paid before I start working. The deposit for larger orders is refundable at any time before I have finished the item if I am unable to complete the order. 

Deposit is nonrefundable if:

  • Materials have already been ordered (if extra material is necessary)
  • I have already started work on the project (used time, labor, and material toward the project)
  • Buyer decides to cancel the order after the item has already been completed to agreed-upon specifications*

* Changes/suggestions are of course welcome within reason at any step of the process, and I will typically keep buyer updated with photos and ask for feedback. If excessive suggestions are made (deciding to completely change it 5 times or something like that), and/or buyer decides to cancel after I have finished the product to specs or after several alterations by request, I will not refund the deposit.

If a store order is made along with a custom order, combined shipping is possible by request. If it is not specifically requested, they will be treated as separate orders due to differences in processing time and method.