All orders are shipped using USPS, including international orders. Please allow for any delays due to the pandemic. 

Most items have a general processing time of 3-5 days. Items listed as pre-order have a processing time of around 10-14 days. These are only estimates, and items may take less or more time depending on materials on hand, volume of orders, or general circumstances. Processing time does not include estimated shipping time.

In the event an incorrect address is provided, please let me know as soon as possible before the order is shipped so I can correct it. I ship to the address provided, and once the item is sent all I can do is watch its progress. If the error is on my end (basically if I put the wrong address on the label), I will send a replacement at no charge. 

In the event that a shop order is made at the same time a custom order is started, the shop order may be shipped separately from the custom order if details are not worked out within 48 hours of the order being placed. Custom orders and shop orders are often considered separate entities unless combined shipping is most feasible or specifically requested by the client.

Most chainmail pieces are made with Bright Aluminum wire, unless otherwise specified. Aluminum is lightweight, recyclable, easy to clean, and significantly resistant to tarnishing. It does not rust and can withstand constant exposure to water and common cleaning products. It is study enough for frequent daily use, but may not be suitable for heavy duty work tasks. Aluminum rings may become slightly cloudy over time, but can be easily cleaned and restored to shine with mild soap and water

Steel is significantly heavier than aluminum, much more durable, and significantly tarnish resistant as well. Certain steel weaves can withstand some heavy duty work tasks, though most pieces in the store are meant to be decorative. Steel rings may become slightly cloudy over time as well. Some shine can be restored with soap and water, but polishing or tumbling is often recommended for the best result. (Do not tumble pieces that have soft material components such as beads, pearls, or other non-metal pieces without removing such pieces first)

Brass is also heavier than aluminum and somewhat more durable, though not as durable as steel. It is also very susceptible to tarnishing. In the section below (*BRASS INFO & CARE*), you will find more info on processes I use to resist this tarnishing, as well as cleaning methods to best preserve that coating.

Prices vary among each type of material, which is why you may see differences in cost among chainmail pieces with similar designs.

Depending on the supplier, metals used may be alloys of the main base metal it is named after and secondary or tertiary metals used in their processing. Please be aware of any metal allergies you may have, and know that I cannot claim for certain that any pieces are hypoallergenic unless special ordered.

Other, non-metal materials frequently used are epoxy resin, UV resin, nylon cord, glass, faux pearls, and freshwater pearls. 

Pieces are made with raw Jeweler's Brass, which has a tendency to tarnish over time. To prevent this, each brass piece is treated and cured with a clear protective coating that resists tarnishing over a long period of time.

When cleaning your brass pieces, please avoid the use of abrasive or corrosive cleaners like alcohol, bleach, ammonia, etc. as they will weaken this protective coating. It is recommended to use warm water (not hot) and mild cleaners like dish soap to spot clean pieces as needed.


I will not be able to accept returned packages for exchanges or alterations at this time. Please be aware of item measurements before ordering (typically in the item's description), and if you have any questions about sizing at all, reach out to me through the contact page.

If an item is damaged in transit/before the package was opened, a replacement will be sent at your request for cost of shipping.

Feel free to leave notes on your order if you have specific sizing requests or need clip-ons. Certain other simple requests can be accommodated, such as color options otherwise offered. If more than one simple request is made, I cannot guarantee that it will be fulfilled except through a Custom Order.

For any further questions not listed here, reach out to me through the Contact page.