Butterfly Earrings

$15.00 USD
Butterfly Earrings

The Butterfly Knot (comprised of an Eternal knot center with double coin knot wings), is one of many symbolizing longevity and love. Lydia Chen provides a story foundational to the tenets of Taoism giving background on its origins. The story goes as follows:

"One night Chuang Chou dreamt he was a butterfly, flying through the air...unaware of his existence as a man. But when Chuang awoke, much to his surprise, he found he was still a man. Did Chuang dream that he was a butterfly? Or did a butterfly dream it was Chuang? Or do the very concepts 'butterfly' and 'Chuang' create arbitrary divisions in the singularity that gives rise to all things?"

Made with nylon cord and gold plated brass findings.
Clip-ons OK by request

Length - approx. 30 inches
Width - 2 inches

*Pieces are handmade and often made to order. Please allow about 3-7 days on average for processing time.