Statue’s Head Earrings

$20.00 USD - $21.00 USD
Statue’s Head Earrings

Miniature resin heads of Ariadne and Hermes.

Ariadne is famous from the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. In each version of the story, she falls in love with Theseus, who has is set to venture into King Minos' labyrinth and slay the Minotaur. Ariadne gives him a sword with which to slay the creature, and a ball of thread to tie at the entrance so that he may find his way back once his task is complete.

Hermes is a trickster god and one of Zeus's (many) children, known for being extremely quick, clever, and mischievous. He is the patron of luck, fertility, sleep, language, trade, and shepherds to name a few things. He is also known for acting as herald of Mt. Olympus, and as such became symbolic of crossing realms and boundaries (between the human and ethereal planes).

Stainless Steel (ball posts)

Clip-ons OK by request

Dimensions: 2 inches (L) x 1 inch (W)