Touchless Pull Keychain

$4.00 USD
Touchless Pull Keychain

Resin door pull and button press keychain. Comes in 4 different styles and two color schemes: rose gold leaf and encased, pressed flowers.

Actual patterning of rose good leaf will vary with each keychain, as it is applied by hand. Pressed flowers will vary in color, shape, and species and may include examples not pictured here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to use the contact page.

**This item is not proven to completely prevent transmission or infection of COVID-19 or any other diseases—it is merely meant to act as a possible barrier between the hand and other surfaces such as door handles, buttons, etc. Please clean and sanitize often, as you would any other item.


4.5” (L) x 1.25” (W)

*Please allow 3-5 days on average for processing time, as all items are handmade and often made to order. Estimated shipping time does not include processing time.